Sunday, 16 September 2012

Charity shops on Goose Gate

On Saturday I went into Nottingham to get my hair cut. It is now a proper bob shape after taking months and months to grow out my old pixie crop.

Anyway, I also took the opportunity to check out the charity shops on Goose Gate that present themselves as being 'a cut above' ordinary charity shops. (see what I just did there?)

White Rose 2

The first shop is called White Rose 2 on the corner of Broad Street and Goose Gate, which sells 'handpicked second-hand fashion' in aid of The Aegis Trust. It is a really lovely shop. As well as women's clothing, you can also buy cake plates, buttons, broaches and knitting needles.

My favourite finds from there in the last year have been:

Big mother of pearl buttons

Teal cardigan

The Oxfam Shop on Goose Gate is also worth browsing in, though the prices can sometimes cause a sharp intake of breath!

The Oxfam Shop on Goose Gate
The stock in this Oxfam shop can be pretty eclectic. My favourite ever item from here was this:
Flowery curtain
I didn't find anything I wanted to buy in either shop on Saturday, but that's the thing with charity shops, you have to go in fairly frequently to find the good stuff.

I've added both shops to a Google Map, in case you want to check them out yourself.

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  1. Ah brilliant! I am completely in love with your curtain! It seems like a lovely wee town. Thanks for linking up x x x

    1. Thanks! I'm intending to make something with the curtain, but haven't decided what yet.

  2. They look like super-posh chazzas!

    Must plan a weekend away in Nottingham, I haven't been in about 15 years!

    1. Nottingham is well worth a visit - great shops and lovely bloggers :)

  3. Ooh I love White Rose, some lovely stuff in there and reasonably priced. Love the curtain, have been on the look out for pretty fabrics so might have to pop in there one day.

    1. White Rose is fab. I try and pop in there anytime I'm in Nottingham.

  4. I was quite pleased with my flowery sheet until I saw your curtain! Gorgeous! Would love to see what you do with it x

    1. Your flowery sheet is lovely! The challenge with my curtain is it is actually quite small, so I need to work out what to make that will get best use out of it. x


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