Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Me, my selfie and I

This week's theme for 'The Photo Gallery' at the Sticky Fingers blog is 'Selfie' so I thought I'd try to take a self-portrait with my iPhone. It's about time I had an up-to-date photo to use as a profile picture.

The above photo was taken with me stood in front of the window, shortly after I got my hair cut. I have been growing out my fringe. I tried looking at the camera lens, but that made me look slightly mad, so instead I am looking slightly below the top of the iPhone.

If I'm looking a bit frayed around the edges, it is because we still haven't got a confirmed date for moving into the house we are buying. My parents have kindly made some space for us in their house, but the sooner we get properly settled the better.

Anyway, I will be checking out the other 'selfie' photos people are sharing this week.

Sticky Fingers Photo Gallery

Monday, 9 September 2013

Palissy Sierra pin dish

I'm not supposed to be buying anything at all at the moment, because most of our stuff is in storage until we can move into our new house.

But I really couldn't resist buying this Palissy Sierra pin dish when I spotted it for £2.50 in a charity shop in Stourbridge. The colours are lovely and autumnal. It is about 5"/13cm across, so won't take up much space.

I'm linking up with Magpie Monday at Me and My Shadow, mostly because I want to see what pre-loved treasures my fellow magpies have found recently. Also linking up with the Op-Shop Show-Off at Blackbird has Spoken.