Monday, 29 October 2012

Why stitching does me good

The picture above is a photo of 'Two Elephants' which I stitched for my parents to celebrate their ruby wedding anniversary. I had been planning to do something with names and dates, but my mum said she would prefer a picture and she has always liked elephants so I chose this.

The kit came from Jolly Red, but I used mint green aida instead of the beige aida supplied in the kit. I finished stitching this in the run-up to the birth of my little boy, so it helped me to avoid fretting too much about what lay ahead.

I am very grateful to my friends who introduced me to cross-stitching about a decade or so ago. I honestly think that stitching has helped keep me sane.

Here's a few reasons why a little bit of cross-stitching does me good:
  • I find it relaxing to stitch
  • once I'm in the flow of stitching I can't fret about anything
  • a real sense of achievement when I've finished - especially if I stitch a picture to brighten up a wall
  • I particularly enjoying stitching things to give to other people
  • I don't tend to snack so much (don't want to risk getting food on my stitching)
  • I can't drink much alcohol (unless I want to end up unpicking stitches the next day)
This post was inspired by this month's Needlework Days at Feisty Tapas, which includes the following suggestion:

Cross-stitching: try it, it's good for you...


  1. Lovely! Those elephants are definitely my kind of style to stitch. I'm really happy I inspired you to write this

    1. The Jolly Red website is well worth a look - they still sell this kit as well as lots of other gorgeous designs.

      And thanks for starting Needlework Days - it's nice to share the joy of stitching :-)

  2. It's a lovely cross stitch, love the beautiful bright colours! Jolly Red patterns are lovely. I find stitching really relaxing too, it allows me to switch off and before I know it a whole evening has gone by, but at least I've got something productive to show for it!

    1. Yes - Jolly Red patterns are wonderful. I'm trying to do more stitching and less tweeting/facebooking so that I have something productive to show for my time


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