Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Pennybridge Filofax A5 Organiser and iPad case

This is my Pennybridge Personal Organiser from Filofax - which is combines an A5 size Filofax and an iPad case. The official blurb sums it up:

Classic Filofax design is given a modern update in the Pennybridge. Featuring an iPad holder and fully removable organiser, perfectly pairing technology with paper. Suitable for left and right-handed use, and designed to use iPad and paper simultaneously. A grain pattern leather-look organiser with a secure zip closure. 

The reasons I like this Filofax are as follows:

  • I am really getting into writing notes and to do lists on paper - and A5 gives plenty of room for writing
  • The purple colour is gorgeous
  • It looks smart and professional for work - especially when I need to use a notepad and my iPad side by side in meetings

I am using this A5 Filofax in combination with this mini Filofax which goes everywhere with me. Having an A5 Filofax for work and a mini Filofax for my handbag is proving to be a much more workable solution than trying to use a single pocket-sized Filofax for everything.

So now I'm all set for 2013!


  1. oh that's a lovely case. What a great way to combine a traditional organiser and modern tech.

    1. Yes it's great - I usually end up taking a notepad and my iPad to meetings so this way they are both in one folder

  2. Cool combination.

    I use an A5 for work and a personal for my handbag. It's a system that works for me - I can't go any smaller than a personal - I need space to write stuff!

    1. I have teeny tiny writing and like the portability of the mini, but I can see it wouldn't suit everyone

  3. Replies
    1. Yes I love the colour too - I'm getting into purple things and will be writing a blogpost about my purple satchel this weekend :)

  4. Replies
    1. I thought it might appeal to you!


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