About nyssapod

I am Ruthy and this is my personal blog. It covers a fairly random range of topics:

  • enjoying life with my 5 year old son
  • thrift and second-hand buys
  • days out
  • books and ebooks
  • cross-stitching and crafty things
  • Doctor Who and other cult tv
  • pop songs and vinyl records
  • keeping fit and healthy
  • gadgets and portable devices
  • decluttering
  • beauty products, especially eco-friendly brands

In case you are wondering why I am called 'nyssapod', I'll give you the short version here.

There was once a Doctor Who companion called Nyssa. I rather liked the name so adopted it as my middle name when I was at school. It even ended up on my degree certificate.

My dad started calling me 'nyssapod'. It was actually a joke. But in 2005 when I needed a name for an e-mail address I found that all the obvious choices were already being used by other people. So I decided to use 'nyssapod'.

It's handy to have a name that no-one else uses, and now I have various accounts in the name of 'nyssapod', including

My e-mail address is nyssapod@gmail.com

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