Saturday, 21 December 2013

Filofax Mini 'Urban' Organiser - why it's the perfect Filofax for me

I've been using this Filofax mini 'Urban' organiser for a year now and it is fab!

I previously used a pocket size Filofax but decided it was too much of a compromise - too big to take everywhere with me and too small to write decent notes in when I'm at work. So when I spotted an 'Urban' Filofax in mini size on eBay I thought I'd give the mini size a go.

When this mini Filofax arrived I realised that it would be perfect as an everyday wallet, as it has credit card slots, a compartment for notes and a zipped section for coins. I love the charcoal grey fabric and the dinky size.

The pencil was a birthday present from my husband and I bought myself a year planner and some lavender notepaper from Rymans. I then got some lovely lilac dividers from Maudie Made on Etsy.

The vertical year planner is great for giving me an overview of what is happening throughout the year, including holidays and work commitments. It works much better than trying to view this information on an iPhone screen!

I also write 'to do' and shopping lists in my Filofax rather than on the iPhone. It seems much less effort to jot things down on paper than it would be to open up an app, type something in, save it, etc. Plus ticking things off a list always seems more satisfying on paper than on a screen!

I previously wrote about this Filofax here

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