Sunday, 28 October 2012

Magpie Monday - retro desk calendar

I've been trying to buy less stuff recently. This is partly to make sure that we stick to budget and partly because we put a lot of effort into de-cluttering over the last few months so I don't want the clutter to build back up again.

So every time I go into a shop and spot something I fancy buying, I ask myself the following questions:
  1. do I really want this item?
  2. will I still want the item by this time next week?
  3. do I actually need this item?
  4. is there room for it in my life and home?
  5. do I already have something that will serve a similar purpose?
  6. can I justify the purchase to my husband?
  7. can we actually afford it?
Because of this, I have been leaving lots of nice things on the shelf in charity shops recently, including a gorgeous glass cake stand which I saw yesterday (my husband wouldn't have seen the point of of a cake stand - why not put a cake on a plate?)

So instead of showing you a photo of a cake stand I'm taking the opportunity to show off this plastic desk calendar which I spotted in the window of the local Sue Ryder shop a couple of months ago. It is about 10cm tall, and you click a button on the top to change the number.

I love it! I keep it on my desk at work. As well as liking the retro styling, I find it really practical. When I need to sign and date forms at work I can see at a glance what the date it is. Plus is only cost a few quid, so it met all the criteria listed above.

This post is inspired by Magpie Monday at Me and My Shadow. (Sorry if my fellow Magpies get a sense of deja vu - I posted a photo on Instagram when I first bought the calendar)

Me and My Shadow


  1. Replies
    1. It's nice to have something on my desk that makes me smile :-)

  2. I do love that calendar, but I bet the cakestand was great too.

    Oh dear, perhaps I should have a list like this...

    1. Oh yes the cake stand was lovely, but my husband would have thought it completely surplus to requirements

      I actually find the list of questions quite helpful for avoiding buyer's remorse and ensuring I only buy the things I really really want.


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