Sunday, 25 November 2012

No-sew lavender sachets made from odd socks

How to turn odd socks into lovely lavender sachets:
  1. Gather together all the odd socks* left over after you've had a clear out, and ensure they are all clean before you start.
  2. Use a dessert spoon to fill each sock with dried lavender (or you could use mixture of lavender and dried rice). Ask your four-year-old to help you with this for extra fun and educational value!
  3. Tightly tie up the top of the sock using narrow ribbon.
So there you go, low cost and almost instant lavender sachets made from otherwise useless odd socks - and no sewing machine required. 

These lavender sachets are particularly good for putting in shoes to freshen them up a bit. I've put two of them in my red sandals (see photo below) and now the hall cupboard smells lovely.

* Where do all the odd socks come from? No matter what I do, we always seem to end up with some lone socks!


  1. They are lovely! We have loads of little single socks, I really don't know where they get to. Sometimes I find them inside duvet covers, I really hope that they are not clogging up the washing machine somewhere!

  2. Yes I'm very pleased with these. The only thing is, my little boy is so impressed that he wants me to fill his new socks with lavender too!


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